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" Like many other people I met there, I went to ISLA via the recommendation of a friend. I was amazed

by the amount of Spanish I learnt and in such an enjoyable way" (Ben Oliver, Australia)


ISLA - Spanish school in Salamanca

A Spanish school strong on: Teachers, Position, Atmosphere.

Whether you have surfed up to our island by design or destiny, we hope you have an enjoyable browse around the ISLA website.
ISLA is an officially recognized language school located in the historic centre with a strong commitment to its students and community. It has legendary teachers, an enviable position and is a place that makes you smile as you stroll into. Its atmosphere is inclusive, cheery and chilled. Everyone is in the same boat: up for learning lots of Spanish. And making a few friends.

ISLA is located in the enchanting World Heritage city of Salamanca, in Castile-León, the heart of Old Spain.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Why study Spanish in Salamanca?

Salamanca’s suitability and extraordinary appeal for the Spanish learner have maintained her as the Number One destination for Spanish courses for generations.  The Spanish spoken here is the most pure and accent free in Spain, making it easy to understand and copy.  The city is picture-postcard beautiful on every corner, the jewel in the crown being her square, Salamanca’s world-class Plaza Mayor. It is safe, has 30,000 students studying at its historic university, is cheap, has fantastic food and is roaring good fun.


ISLA weekly activity program:

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Latest news

08.05.'15 MEET & GREET

Our new airport gate to transfer coach chaperone service will be music to the ears of our more nervous travellers (and their parents). Also available on arrival in Salamanca.

27.02.'15 False Friends Test.

Getting "embarrassed" confused with "embarazada" would be SUPER embarrassing. To avoid this and many more blunders caused by False Friends, check out our new super comprehensive list - some are quite a laugh. Then, you can test your skill at the evil False Firends test.. And do let us know if we have forgotten any!

14.01.'15 Free airport transfer in 2015.

To make your arrival in Spain super easy and smooth, ISLA offers FREE transfer to Salamanca. Just give us your arrival time and we'll do the rest.



Check out our new budget hotel with meal plan accommodation option. A great value alternative for those who want their own bathroom and don't want to cook!.

19.06.'14 The ISLA World Cup Game

Win up to 300 euros or a free Spanish course.

16.05.'14 FACYL Arts Festival in Salamanca

Varied, eclectic and exciting: from the 6th until the 11th of June, Salamanca´s sites will come alive with the sound of music (and exhibitions, literary events, culinary greatness and more) for the tenth outing of FACYL, the international arts festival of the province of Castilla y Leon.
From pop, rock and rap to electro, funk and soul, prepare for aural treats from the likes of Latin Grammy award winning hip-hopper Mala Rodriguez and Californian outfit !!! (it´s pronounced Chk Chk Chk, for those yet to fall under their electropunk spell).
It´s a must visit event set in what are arguably the province´s most beautiful surroundings (maybe we´re a teeny bit biased).

23.04.'14 New for our school groups!

The ISLA Challenge follows a TV show format in which competing teams have to complete 6 tasks. Take a look at ISLA Desafio.

07.04.'14 New ISLA online ressource

See how quickly you can build words from the "Falling Letters" and perhaps you will lead the ranking with your score. Check our Falling Letters Game.

14.02.'14 ISLA - official training centre for Spanish teachers

ISLA has been selected by the Fundación Siglo and the Tourism Board of Castilla-Léon as an official training centre for Spanish teachers on fully subsidized stays. If you teach Spanish and would like to take advantage of this great opportunity contact Dieter at dieter@academiaisla.com

10.12.'13 Dieter's Drive

The Sierra has never been more engaging than on Dieter's Drive last Friday. Glorious orange and yellow leaves basking in winter sunshine. Chilled cava, the smell of a bonfire and a calçotada (just look it up!). And up the Pena de Francia for the sunset, set off by the meringued peaks of cloud below that made us feel we were cast away on an island in the sky. wow, wow, wow.


Want to do a DELE next year. Click here for infos on exam dates and more.


The countdown has started for the airing of the ISLA promotional clip which saw Dieter and the crew drive over 1500 kms and sift through 1000 takes. For the few minutes final cut. Pictured are the Director and the leading lady.

Dates and Fees for 2014

Our Dates and Fees for 2014 are now posted.. and there is some good news. Prices have not gone up for next year.. and there are a few special offers.

New cooking workshops

2.07.'13 Yummy yummy yummy we've got love in our tummy :) We've widened our horizons and incorporated a Canarian and Mexican dish into our workshop menu. Every Wednesday participants listen to Cristina give an intro to the dish, don their aprons and get chopping. The offerings are then washed down with a glass of wine or a cold drink!

25.04.'13 New activity alert: Interactive seminars!

Ever fancied dressing up as Dulcinea or Gran Inquisitor Torquemada? Well, now's your chance. These seminars on Don Quijote, the Spanish Inquisition and Christopher Columbus in Salamanca combine videos, music, role pay and are packed with learning tools. Check them out here: Spanish Interactive Seminars

17.04.'13 New Look!

Phew! No more bang bang and dust in our ears. The workers have left and ISLA is looking sleek and slinky. There is glass everywhere so now everyone can see who's on the job and who's on facebook.

27.02.'13 New Exercise

Try out our new Spanish vocabulary phrases test

11.02.'13 Academic Year Plus

ISLA has a new course called the Academic Year Plus. This combines our classic long termer's Academic Year course which comprises 4 lessons daily with an extra culture session on literature, art, history, contemporary politics and socio-economics, music and more… And like the Academic Year course, with Academic Year Plus you pay 32 weeks but get 36!

14.01.'13 New Study Resources

Try out our new Spanish vocabulary exercise

19.12.'12 Singing Painters

We are ten days into our makeover at ISLA 1 and the bang bang has given way to singing painters. Three cheers to the office team for being so brave (teachers and students get to escape to other buildings) and chins up - we'll look fabulous when the bandages come off:)

15.10.'12 ISLA at the London Language Show

ISLA is exhibiting at the London Language Show at the National Hall, Olympia form Friday October 19th to Sunday October 21st. This is a great chance to meet the director and chat about your future Spanish learning plans! Come and visit us at this free fair!

11.10.'12 Salamanca's November musical offerings:

Flamenco modern giants Poveda and Pitingo … and Queen played by a symphony orchestra. Who could ask for more? More in our blog post.

4.9.'12 The football season has started.

Athletic Club ISLA kicked off the season with a well deserved draw against Irish Club Cavern. After succeeding 2 quick goals before half time AC ISLA leveled the game in the dying minutes to earn a well deserved point. They meet Bar Cambi at the weekend to try and add more points to the table. Good luck boys!

3.9.'12 Ferias y Fiestas

Great food, great drink, great company galore; get ready for the ´Ferias y Fiestas´ coming to Salamanca next week! You can read more about Salamanca Fiestas in our blog.

3.8.'12 Interactive Seminars

ISLA's newest addition, the Interactive Seminar, doubles as an extra curricular activity for students at ISLA Salamanca and a useful tool for school teachers form anywhere in the world.

6.7.'12 ISLA students support Spain

On Sunday 01.07.12 Spain beat Italy 4-0 to retain the Euro trophy. Students of ISLA turned Spanish for the night, wore red, and painted flags on their faces to support “los rojos”... read more here

1.6.'12 New activity

Taller de tapas. Taking advantage of the Txoko's little kitchen, the Taller de Tapas is up and running. A group of budding Ferran Adria's were gently led through the steps of making a 'Paloma' by master chef Cristina...

17.5.'12 Welcome back back.

No, that's not a typo but our new special offer. We are really chuffed that quite a few people make Salamanca their holiday of choice and come back for a third time or more, hence the new Welcome Back Back discount

02.4.'12 - Verb Blast

A new game has been developed to help students practice their Spanish verbs. This game is a simple way to test yourself at how well you can recall your newly learnt Spanish verbs, as well as show you which verbs you still need to learn. If you are interested in giving it a go and testing your “verb blast” skills, go to spanish vocabulary test page.

3.2.'12 - Competition Winners

The Grab & Learn contest has reached a nail-biting conclusion with 3 contestants tying for first place. Click here to find out if you are one of the lucky winners.


Money Back Guarantee


New Game Available here: Spanish Words Scrabble Game


New New Study materials



".There was always a variety of cultural and social activities to support my learning; guided visits to museums and cathedrals, films, music, parties., etc. I made friends, learned Spanish, learned about the culture and people of Spain and had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back again...." read more reviews

"ISLA is a top-notch language school that not only provides dynamic language classes but also gives an otherwise unseen taste of Spanish culture while creating friendships and lasting memories among people of diverse cultures. The language lessons at ISLA provided pertinent conversational sessions that enhanced my Spanish speaking from a timid novice to a conversational speaker in just weeks. The tapas tours and excursions gave me a taste of Spain I would have otherwise never experienced. Swimming in the pristine waterholes of Spain, having pitch-in dinners with people from all over the world, to kayaking between Spain and Portugal were some of my best memories from my adventures in Spain. And I owe it all to ISLA." read more reviews

" I have to say that my summer break in Isla was surely the most fun I've had in a long time. Initially I was a little anxious about how I'd fit in being an older student, and yes, most everyone was a lot younger than me in my class but what can I say? The whole set up of the school is about learning through mixing in and having fun and not about being 15 or 40 and it really wasn't a problem in the end, at all." read more reviews

" Salamanca is very good decision for learning Spanish, because it is a small, cheap and safe city, there are lots of attractions (a fantastic night life !) which suits everyone. Most Spanish people in Salamanca don't know English but they are extremely helpful and friendly which makes it perfect. It is so easy to make friends from all over the world in Salamanca." read more reviews

"It can be difficult choosing a language school in a different country, but I look back at my time at ISLA as the best decision of my life. ISLA does it all, ranging from basic Spanish classes to such advanced levels that your head will spin. The teachers are knowledgeable, easy to understand, and will teach you in a way that sticks with you. The administration works hard to make you feel right at home in Salamanca, as they set up homestays, tours around Salamanca, and also several guided trips outside of the city." read more reviews

" What I really enjoy is meeting new people from all over the world and at Isla it is possible. Here are people from every continent. For me it is so interesting to talk with other young people about their cultures and their countries, their languages and their way of life. I also got to know the life of a Spanish family in which I used to live and where I enjoyed Spanish food. I learned a lot about the culture and the people in Spain. Most of them are really friendly, generous and open. As well I had the possibility of learning Salsa which was a lot of fun!" read more reviews

" The staff and the teachers at the school are always so nice and help you with everything from a sprained thumb to information about Salamanca and the rest of Spain. ISLA's team organizes lots of activities: day trips, visits to exhibitions, salsa, movies - just take your pick. And the most important thing is your Spanish. I swear that I learned more in one month than after a whole year in Russia. The secret is that you have 24 hour Spanish which you can't really get away from." read more reviews

"It is always difficult to choose a language course , especially if you are a mature student, and, after one bad experience in another city, I only booked for a week at ISLA in Salamance. Bad mistake – because it was SUPERB! I made real progress and two weeks would have been too short! From the initial friendly welcome (and the inevitable test!) it felt right. The teaching was outstanding – and as an ex-headteacher I have spent a lot of time observing lessons!" read more reviews

"Before I left to Spain, I was looking forward to learn Spanish and meet new people. Only thing was, that I was bit worried about the travel on my own, and the first week that I wouldn’t meet enough people. Worries for nothing. ISLA organised my trip to Salamanca, tips how to get the easiest way to the bus to Salamanca and then to my apartment, so the journey was really comfortable. " read more reviews





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