ISLA, Spanish School in Salamanca

Whether you have surfed up to our island by design or destiny, we hope you have an enjoyable browse around the ISLA website.

ISLA is an officially recognized language school located in the historic centre of the enchanting World Heritage city of Salamanca, in Castile-León, the heart of Old Spain.

Your Spanish learning journey: New friends, vistas. .. and a new challenge: learning Spanish. Laughing in lessons, taking easy and firm steps behind your safe and friendly teacher towards the moment of "Yes!!!". Yes, I understood that! Yes, they understood me! Yes. Sí. Hablo español. Happy moments around the table of your host family or fixing dinner with flatmates from all over. Sunsets and swimming, picnics and pedalos, theatre, tapas, and a “vino tinto” on the Plaza Mayor. Salamanca, golden beauty of eternal blue skies. And warm, wild Spanish nights.

Welcome. Bienvenido.
ISLA Clip. Made by Jesús García (Triangle Creative).
Our student Anna's one month experience at ISLA.
Student's home movie.
Made by Mhinkyu Kim, Autumn 2015

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Since '90

40000 Students

Easy airport transfer

(free for those doing 2 weeks or more)

Beautiful Location

Centre of Salamanca

"The teachers are such great fun and the relationship you share with them isn´t the traditional one of distance that I was used to England but more one of good friendship." Federica Miller, UK

iStudy Magazine Award Winner 2016/2017: ISLA Salamanca - Modern Language School of the Year – Spain

We are extremely proud to announce that after being proposed externally and then short-listed by the iStudy team, we have been proclaimed Modern Language School of the Year (Spain) by their board of expert judges. This positive evaluation by an impartial team is very gratifying for us and, more importantly, it vouches for the quality of the courses and services you can expect at our centre.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Why study Spanish in Salamanca?

Salamanca’s suitability and extraordinary appeal for the Spanish learner have maintained her as the Number One destination for Spanish courses for generations. The Spanish spoken here is the most pure and accent free in Spain, making it easy to understand and copy. The city is picture-postcard beautiful on every corner, the jewel in the crown being her square, Salamanca’s world-class Plaza Mayor. It is safe, has 30,000 students studying at its historic university, is cheap, has fantastic food and is roaring good fun.