About me:
  1. I can’t live without....
    make-up!!  Ha ha ha!
  2. My worst quality?
      I’m very relaxed.. and often this means I leave things to the last minute.
  3. Me in two words.
      Extrovert and happy.
  4. My favourite food?
    Fish and seafood
  5. My favourite spot in Salamanca in Salamanca?
     La Plaza Mayor and if I feel like relaxing any small town in the Sierra.

About my job:
  1. Why is Salamanca a great place to study Spanish?
    Because it’s a small, easy going city with a great university atmosphere.
  2.  What do you like most about ISLA?
    My workmates and meeting interesting people every day.
  3. Why would you recommend ISLA?
    Because it’s a school with a family atmosphere and in my opinion the combination of lessons and activities is perfect for learning Spanish.
  4. How long have you been working at ISLA? 
    6 years.. and all those to come!
  5. Why do you  think so many people come back to ISLA?
    Because the team are always up to help and students learn a lot throught their stay.