Hi and welcome.

ISLA has a strong commitment to its students and community. It has wonderful teachers, an enviable position and is a place that makes you smile as you stroll into. The atmosphere is inclusive, cheery and chilled and activities second to none.

ISLA teachers

form a long-standing and consolidated team. This is fairly rare... and makes a difference. Career Spanish teachers are proud of and passionate about their craft and have a keen interest in new methods and training courses.. Their commitment to the profession - they are in it for life and not just for a summer - and their years of experience with learners of all ages and stages, mean untold benefits for you. ISLA teachers are also teacher trainers in their own right, receiving over 100 Spanish teachers per year who come to ISLA to update their knowledge and perfect their Spanish.


ISLA has a welcoming environment where every effort is taken to do things with care and flair. Everyone appreciates good service and kind treatment and apart from delivering on these basic things, at ISLA we like to add a few nice surprises.


The ISLA people who will look after you are picked for and qualified for their specific roles. And like most people who are great at their job, they love it too. This benefits everyone as it is always nice to be surrounded by cheery faces, particularly if you are on holiday. And while the office team will always encourage you to talk in Spanish, if one day you need to speak in English, Italian, French or German you'll get a reply rather than a blank stare.

Lessons & Materials

Students are given carefully selected text-books rather than endless and indiscriminate photocopies so learning is methodical and organized. ISLA's syllabus is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). And like all great teachers ours make their lessons leap off the page so students participate actively and with relish.

Cervantes accreditation

The Instituto Cervantes is an official organisation in charge of the Spanish language and its proliferation around the world. In the interests of guaranteeing excellence in Spanish teaching they have introduced an accreditation scheme involving an exhaustive inspection of schools seeking recognition. ISLA is proud to have been one of the first centres in Spain to receive official Cervantes accreditation and has achieved consistently outstanding scores in follow-up inspections.

And... Activities

ISLA's activities are run in-house and usually by a particular team member who takes pride in making their's special and unique. They include Dieter's Drives, ISLA's cooking, Amanda's Pot Luck Dinner, Oscar's Interactive Seminars, Luis's micro theatre… and of course the ones we all have a hand in from time to time like the tapas tours, Segovia excursion, Night stroll, Welcome Party and so on. They contribute to ISLA's cohesive, family atmosphere and mean students carry on having a chance to practise their Spanish after lessons.
"...The teachers use their years of professional experience to implement courses which are intense without being laborious. ISLA has a high success rate with students passing DELE exams because the teachers actually care and do everything within their power to get them across the finish line. As a teacher myself, I appreciate this immensely. On top of this, they are just really nice, sincere people." Jordan Goulding, Australia