You can attend tutorials (free sessions with our head of study), and if you are still struggling you can move down a level. If you would like to move up a level, come and let us know. We will consult with your teacher about how you are doing and the head of studies will make a good plan for you.

All combinations of courses are possible.

Yes. First because full immersion is best for you, and secondly, as the classes are international, it would be quite incorrect to speak a language which is not Spanish, like English, which some group members might not understand.

No, we guarantee all our courses, regardless of the amount of participants.

Absolutely! There are discounts built into our price lists so the longer you stay the cheaper it is.

By joining ISLA activities like visits and workshops where Spanish is always spoken. Try and speak as much Spanish as possible in bars and shops.

Nearly, to get an ISLA certificate you should come to at least 90% of the classes.

The marks are the following: “aprobado” - pass, “bien” - fair, “notable” - good, “sobresaliente” - excellent.

Teachers take into account your participation in class, your homework and the results of your weekly tests.

No, not if you don’t require a certificate.

This depends on the results of your classification test which you take on your first day here.