Dictionaries, grammar books, newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, tourist information from around Spain, Spanish literature and easy readers.

Yes, everything except dictionaries and grammar books.

You must be at least 21 and have had your license for one year. If you rent locally you will be required to leave a deposit

Yes, Salamanca isn’t a city where people bike a lot to get around as the walking distances are short but you might want to rent one to do an excursion to Salamanca’s surrounds. ISLA’s guide Javi offers Bike tours from time to time.

Yes it is. If you are from the European Union you are already covered but be sure to bring your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card with you. If you are not a EU citizen the best option is to acquire travel insurance with health coverage when you get your flight. ISLA can do this for you for 6 euros per week.

One of our team will go with you.

In theory, you can just turn up on the day of the course but for accommodation booking it’s better to give us at least 2 weeks notice (and at least 4 weeks if you require a private apartment).

If you are going to be here for a while (3 months or more) yes, so you can avoid ATM charges. A member of the team will help you set up the account.


On the sign up sheets in the office.


On the notice board, and by asking the teams who will be happy to help you with tickets. etc.

Winter (November - February) can be very cold so bring some warm boots and a big coat. For the rest of the year, count on just about everything - so bring a swimsuit even in March/September!

Not for use in the cities - bear in mind that you will have to put it in a garage if it has foreign plates. If you are going to be here for a while, though, it is great to have a car for weekend travelling.

We have a minimum amount of participants but these are almost always covered so it is fairly rare that a trip should be cancelled.