At ISLA we consider booking any coach that departs less than 90 minutes from your landing time to be risky (or very risky in the case of a Terminal 2 arrival when you have to walk about 25 minutes to get to the Terminal 1 coach park).

Planes can be late, they might park far away from the terminal, luggage can take a long time to come out, at passport control there might be a queue and you might have a long walk, or in the case of Terminal 4 a shuttle ride, to the arrival gate.

If you are booked on a later coach and arrive punctually, you can change your ticket with the driver on the coach (when it gets to the parking 15 minutes prior to departure) for 1,50 euros for an earlier one if there is space. If you are booked on a coach which you miss, you lose your ticket and there might not be space on the next one and then you are a bit stuck. So, unless we hear to the contrary, we will book you onto the closest coach 90 minutes from your landing time.

All of this said, while we like to be responsible, we don’t want to boss you around, so if you want to take a coach where this margin can’t be respected, that’s your call. You might be tempted to do this if it means your being able to take the last direct bus from the airport at 21:00 and not having to go to Madrid centre to take the last (slow!) coach at 22:30.

You might even decide that you want us to buy you tickets on two coaches to cover best and worst case scenarios. Also OK.

If you are arriving before 09:00 and you don’t want to wait until 13:00 you can ask us to book you one from the centre of Madrid. It will take you 30 minutes in a cab or 45 minutes on the metro to get there and you must be very careful of your belongings throughout this journey.

Relax. We are at the end of the phone (and speak English and Spanish). We will try and get you on the next coach from the airport. If this doesn’t work out, we will figure out an alternative

Yes. The coach driver will sell you a ticket if there are seats available, from 15 minutes prior to departure. You’ll have more chance of getting a seat by asking ISLA to book you one.

You can walk, of course, but we recommend: