Skype Spanish Lessons by ISLA

ISLA teachers in your home!

  • You might be able to do exercises on your own but looking to have a Spanish teacher to yourself
    to help you correct your mistakes.
  • You might be looking to boost your speaking confidence in the comfort of your
    own home with only your teacher to hear!
  • You might be wanting to keep your Spanish going
  • You might be preparing for an exam like A/AS/GCSE, DELE or for
    your university

What do you need?

Web Camera

How does it work?

1. At the beginning of your free taster session we check that everything is working on the technical side, have a chat about your needs and start your first learning session.

2. You then decide if you have found the experience helpful and enjoyable and if you would like to continue with our skype lessons.

3. You can then email us ( to book more sessions. Also you can use this email address to obtain more info, or if you have any kind of question.

Under 10 Lessons 23 eur/55 minute lesson
From 10 lessons 20,50 eur/55 minute lesson

The price includes:

  • Correction of homework (on request).
  • Periodic evaluation of your progress.
  • Certificate on completion of the course (if you have done more than 10 hours) including number of hours, level and final grade.
Flexible class times (including Saturdays) You decide on the amount of hours you want

Contact & Location us to set up a time for your FREE taster session by filling in the form here:

Hi my name is Emily,
I have just finished my 10 Skype lessons with the lovely José María. At first, I wasn’t so sure about having lessons online and whether it would be worth my time and money as I wasn’t physically in a classroom with the teacher and other students, however, I have found it extremely beneficial to my Spanish language development.
It was definitely not what I had expected, which was chatting in Spanish for an hour with someone in Salamanca, it was so much better. I received course materials, there was set homework to complete between each lesson and I was given a short test that examined my progress. This test was more for me as a student and I found to be very helpful as I could see where I was improving and also what I was still struggling with. Jose Maria was also very kind and patient with me and I felt I was able to voice any concerns I had either with the content or how the lesson was carried out.
If you are like me and have some concerns or doubts with participating in lessons online, ISLA gives you your first lesson for free just so you can test it out and see if it is right for you. This was really great and I thank ISLA for providing this as I probably wouldn’t have considered these lessons if I wasn’t able to “try before you buy”.
Thank you to ISLA and Jose Maria for creating a way for me to continue learning Spanish, but in my own home and country. What a great idea.
If you decide to have a go, good luck and I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.
Emily Smith (Adelaide, Australia)

I’ve been doing Skype classes in ISLA for over a year now. After I came back to Ireland from my trip to Salamanca, I enrolled in regular Spanish classes. However I found that I missed a lot of classes due to work commitments, and was speaking too much English in the class compared to ISLA. I switched to Skype lessons instead, and love them. My favourite thing about them (aside from the very friendly Jose Maria!) is that we move at my pace. If I find something easy, we can fly through it, and if I need to repeat something, I can do that without holding back a group. Also because it is only the teacher and by the end of the class I have spoken Spanish for an entire hour, which isn’t possible with a larger group. I plan on keeping up the classes until I can get back to Salamanca again, and would recommend them to anyone.

Niamh O’Riordan, Ireland

FAQ about Skype classes

Send us an email to


If you connect less than 15 minutes late, the class is not cancelled but you will lose the lesson time missed. If you connect more than 15 minutes late, the class is cancelled and the class fee is not reimbursed.

You can delay/change a maximum of 25% of contracted classes. This is because the teacher will have reserved a time slot of their working day which is dedicated to teaching Spanish to you.

To delay or change a class, you must notify your teacher at least 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson. The class will be made up at the same time on another day unless an agreement is reached between the teacher and the student for a different time. If the student does not give 24 hours notice for a class change they will not be entitled to either change or a reimbursement.

If the class is interrupted by occasional technical problems with the computer or the Internet on your or ISLA’s side and it is not possible to continue with the session, the class will be rescheduled. Should technical problems on your part persist, ISLA reserves the right to cancel classes until the technical problems have been resolved.

If you are not interested in continuing with your classes with ISLA you must notify us 48 hours before your next class. In this case you will be refunded 80% of the amount paid.

You can try to fix things directly with your teacher or you can send an email to and discuss your case with ISLA management.

Yes, if you have done 10 classes or more and if the teacher believes that your performance is deserving of it, you can obtain a certificate. This certificate will be sent by email but if you need a hard copy you can give us an address to send it to.

Yes, you can give us your preferences and we will do our best to comply.

No, for any change of teacher we will always explain the situation and seek your consent.

Yes of course. It is one of the great advantages of having a private class.

Because your teacher may well have to end at exactly the appointed time to fulfil other obligations and thus will not be able to make up lesson time missed due to poor time-keeping.