" ...the teaching was outstanding – and as an ex-headteacher I have spent a lot of time observing lessons! Four hours of Spanish every morning seems daunting – but it was challenging, fun, well paced and always interesting." Lindsey Wharmby, UK

Our Spanish Course Guarantees

Levels and groups

To guarantee adequate progress, it is vitally important that students are placed in a group that corresponds with their knowledge of Spanish. This is only possible if the language school guarantees groups of all levels of learning. After making a careful initial evaluation of each student's ability, ISLA follows up their placement with regular control testing.

Class Duration

We are quite strict about classes starting punctually so no class time is lost. At ISLA, lessons run from Monday to Friday and are 50 minutes long.

Class Size

The smaller your learning group, the more personalized your course will be. At ISLA the maximum amount of students per group is nine, except Culture which is open-class style. The average number of students per group is five in low season and seven in high season.

ISLA Diplomas and Certificates

Careful monitoring and a serious approach mean that each student will be pushed further with their Spanish at ISLA. Certificates are awarded to students who have attended classes on a consistent basis (90%), actively participated in class and completed required class examinations and homework.

ISLA courses are approved for credit by international universities and colleges and also for EU grants such as Erasmus.

The teachers are such great fun and the relationship you share with them isn´t the traditional one of distance that I was used to England but more one of good friendship. Federica Miller, UK